Request a DMV Hearing

After a California DUI arrest, you only have 10 DAYS to request a DMV hearing to avoid having your California driver's license automatically suspended!


Don't miss your opportunity to demand due process from the DMV. You have a right to an administrative hearing before DMV can consider a suspension, but if you do not make the request in time, DMV can suspend your license just based on the information provided by law enforcement. 


The best way to send your DMV hearing request is by fax because you will have proof that the fax was received by DMV before the 10th day. You should submit your faxed request to the office nearest your arrest location (see Driver Safety Offices list below).


Make sure your request contains the following information:



Dear Motor Vehicle Representative:


I, ________________________________, hereby request a hearing regarding


the suspension of my drivers license#________________________________


I was arrested on __________________________________(insert date),


Signed ________________________________________________


Today's date:_____________________________________________


My Phone Number is: ______________________________________


My Address is:___________________________________________




List of DMV Driver Safety Office Locations:


Alameda and Contra Costa County DUI cases - 

Oakland Driver Safety 

7677 Oakport St, #220

Oakland, CA 94621

Phone 510)563-8900

Fax 510) 563-8950


San Francisco

1377 Fell St 2nd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone 415) 557-1170

Fax 415) 557-7375


San Jose

111 Alma Ave Room A

San Jose, Ca 95110

Phone 408) 277-1314

Fax 408) 277-1033



4700 Broadway, 2nd Floor

Sacramento, CA 95820

Phone 916) 227-2970

Fax 916) 227-2901


Attorney Vicki A. Jensen will gladly fax your DMV hearing request for you, but you should not wait to choose an attorney before taking this very important time-sensitive action.

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