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"I endorse this lawyer. I've worked with Vicki as far back as twenty plus years ago in Santa Cruz - she is bright, committed, and focused. Highly recommended."
DUI Attorney in Santa Cruz, California

"I know that Vicki is a great lawyer who fights for her clients. We were recently at an advanced seminar for lawyers who do a great deal of work in the DUI field. I mention this just to show her dedication to defending her clients in a superior manner."
DUI Attorney in Humboldt, California

"Vicki Jensen is not just a DUI lawyer, she is a fighter. During one trial, a short time ago at Hayward, California, Vicki was aware of a State Toxicologist testifying in another DUI case in a different Department in the same courthouse. This toxicologist was scheduled to testify in her case the following day. Vicki gave the attorney in the other case some questions for the State's toxicologist to help his case. The toxicologist did not know the answers. Vicki got a copy of the testimony, and the following day provided the jury in her case with proof from the previous testimony that the toxicologist not only did not know what he was taling about, but that he was also willing to make up whatever was needed to help the police instead of justice. If it had not been for the fighting effort of Vicki Jensen, her client would have been wrongly convicted. Luckily, Vicki was the lawyer, and her client was not convicted. This is just one of many reasons she is a great trial lawyer."
DUI Attorney in San Leandro, California

"Vicki as always attending all the latest DUI classes and conferences. She is known as a passionate defender, having recently won a DUI case. I would highly recommend her."
DUI Attorney in Hayward, California

"I endorse this lawyer's work. Vicki is a compassionate and caring attorney. She fights aggressively for her clients. She is current with changes in the law."
DUI/Traffic Attorney in Pleasanton, California

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